Dear Kids

Great to see that you are interested in the most beautiful and rewarding leisure activity and sport in the world! If you are patient with yourself and your horse, and if you really want to learn riding from the bottom of your heart, you will have a long and wonderful path in front of you and will live through some of the most unforgettable moments.

Sometimes we, the grown-ups, forget to remind you of some basic rules and good manners, as many of them are too obvious to us. If you want to find out if you are up to date, you can read the enclosed checklist. How to treat your horse or poney and the complexity of horseback riding is yet another subject.

If you have any questions or encounter problems we are glad to help you out.

Our email adresses can be found here.

We wish you a lot of fun!


Jürg, Conny und Larissa Notz

"Ein Pferd sollte so geritten werden, wie ein Surfer die Welle reitet.

Der Surfer zwingt die Welle nicht, er will sie nicht verändern,

er lernt einfach wie er sie reiten kann"