Larissa Notz



Ever since Larissa was going for her goals. Her strong will made her do the Bachelor- & Masterstudies in Economics in the shortest time and very successful.

Guidarc, turning 20 this year, is still treated like a super star (which he is). Larissa rides and cares about him daily - that's what keeps him happy and younglooking.


We are happy and proud if Larissa finds time to give a great ride to our dealing horses. So much horselove and know-how makes not only us but also the horses happy. In the stable she has an open eye and gives great inputs and help.



Larissa started her studies in economics at the university in Berne 2016. She rides her beloved "Guidarc", who has given her, us and the whole team so many great momements, daily. Guidarc turning 18 loves hacking out, some dressage and a Little jump once a while.
Besides that he enjoys the daily field or the Paddock and some walking on the walker.


Her riding students can still profit of her amazing Know-how. If ever time allows Larissa helps out where ever needed. Everybody is happy watching talented Larissa Jumping from time to time.






GP-Sieg Poliez-Pittet


Once again, Larissa can look back on a great season with many successful shows. Apart from her perfect round with Esqydo, offering her the victory in the Grand-Prix 155 in Poliez-Pittet, she achieved many more victories and top ranks thanks to her talent and her commitment.


Larissa also offered highly motivated support to her students during the whole season and helped them progress step by step and in a long lasting way.


Since September Larissa is studying at the University of Bern and will cut short in show jumping to concentrate on her studies, much to the sorrow of her horses, whom she has cared for with a lot of affection and who will surely miss her. The team, Jürg and Conny are a little bit sad, but at the same time really proud that Larissa has chosen this route for her immediate future.



In summer of 2014, Larissa has completed grammar school with the federal Matura examination and is now working for a year at 100% in the family business.


She is currently a member of the Swiss Young Riders A-Squad and represents Switzerland since many years very successfully in international shows up to and including European Championships.


She started her international career as a 12 years old already at the European Championships for Children. Since then, she was nominated each and every year (except 2010) as a member of the Swiss EC-Teams.


Her greatest success were certainly the title of European Champion in the category Children in 2009 and more recently the brilliant 9th place at the European Championships for Young Riders in Arezzo 2014, not to forget the 10th place at the Swiss Championships - this time already with the Elite - and two victories in Grand-Prix qualifications for the Swiss Championships Elite (Grand Prix N150/155) this year.


In addition to her daily work with her show horses, Larissa dedicates herself to the training and presentation of promising horses for sale. She can often be found late in the evening in the stables, where she forgets  time while grooming her horses.