Jürg Notz


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Jürg was able to familiarize himself with horses at an early age. His father, Emil, was mainly active in the trade of army horses (Franches Montagne Horses). However, he was also a successful competition rider and Jürg quickly got enthusiastic about show jumping. It was also obvious for Jürg from early on that he would work in his father's business.


Jürg was a rider with a lot of feeling and very successful. He was considered one of the big talents in Switzerland, as he confirmed in an awesome way when he won the title of European Champion as a Junior. Later on he also became Swiss Champion Elite and counted many international victories.


The stables, located at the time in the middle of the village Kerzers, had to be relocated following a land expropriation. This resulted in the project by Emil and Jürg to construct the equestrian center at its current location. Before completion of the new stables, Jürg suffered serious injuries following a traffic accident, and shortly thereafter, he had to mourn the death of his father.


Due to these events, Jürg decided to abandon his international career. He continued competing in shows, however mainly on a national level, to present the horses for sale. As an organiser of horse shows, he was responsible for the still famous 7 Days Masters. With this pioneering show concept he contributed largely to an improvement of horse shows in Switzerland.


Today, Jürg concentrates his energy 100% on horse trade and training of riders and horses. He gladly shares his well-founded know-how with clients and ambitioned riders. During the last years he also spent a lot of time and effort on course building.